Groundbreaking lens Implant for Macular Degeneration

iolAMD’s eyemax mono is a revolutionary, new and
effective treatment for dry AMD, and other macular
diseases, that could significantly improve a patient’s
quality of life. This is the world’s first extended
macular lens.

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The decision to have cataract surgery should be based on whether the patient thinks surgery is right for them, says NICE in new guidance.

"This is a condition which can severely impair a person’s vision and can lead to a decreased quality of life as daily tasks such as driving or going to the shops seem impossible. This guideline aims to ensure everyone with a cataract has access to timely, sight-restoring surgery.”

NICE guidance

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty in Glaucoma

Results from the recently completed LiGHT study demonstrate clearly that patients with glaucoma who received SLT laser had better and more stable eye pressures.

The study compared eye drops for glaucoma to SLT laser and found that patients had better pressure control with lower surgery rates at 3 years.

74% of patients were drop-free at 3 years and the rates of progression of their disease compared to patients with drops were reduced by nearly 50%.

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The Xen stent is a new procedure to treat glaucoma where a small tube is placed in the eye to create a new drainage channel for fluid. Recovery is very quick compared to conventional surgery with excellent results.

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