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Glaucoma - diagnosis, monitoring and treatment

Diabetic and age related eye disease management

Open angle glaucoma is a leading cause of irreversible world blindness.
The number of people affected is estimated to 58.6 million by the year 2020 (and a further 21 million with angle closure glaucoma).

It is estimated that 11.1 million people are BILATERALLY BLIND from glaucoma.

Don't become a statistic!   Glaucoma needs lifelong monitoring and treatment.


If your vision is getting cloudy and you suffer from glare this may well be due to cataract.

A cataract is a natural aging change of the lens in the eye and if this is not treated the vision can easily drop below legal standards for driving.

Have your eyes tested for cataract as a relatively simple operation can have you seeing perfectly again.

Multifocal lens implants can free you up from the need for spectacles.

Diabetes is the fastest growing epidemic in the UK and can lead to rapid loss of vision. Regular monitoring with state-of-the-art treatment can help to prevent sight loss.

Vision loss from macular degeneration is often avoidable if caught and treated early - don't delay in having your assessment.


Cataract assessment and treatment