Medical treatments:

The full range of medical treatments for eye conditions are available.

Surgical Treatments:

Cataract/lens surgery

Cataract extraction – standard lens implant/Multifocal lens implant/Toric lens implant

Cataract surgery combined with glaucoma surgery – I-stent implantation or Xen stent implant

YAG laser Capsulotomy

Glaucoma surgery


Ahmed valve implantation

Xen-stent implantation

Hydrus Stent

I-stent implantation

Selective laser trabeculoplasty

YAG laser Iridotomy

SubCyclo laser

Retina/Vitreous Surgery

Anti-VEGF treatment for Macular degeneration/Diabetic retinopathy/Vascular occlusion

Steroid injections/implants for Macular degeneration/Diabetic retinopathy/Vascular occlusion

YAG laser Vitreolysis

Conventional laser treatment for Retinopathy of multiple causes

Oculoplastic Surgery

Removal of skin lesions on or around lids 

Incision and curretage of Chalazion

Correction of lid malposition - Ectropion/entropion

Removal of excess skin from upper lids(Blepharoplasty)

Correction of droopy upper lids (Ptosis)

Dry Eye Treatment

Lacrystim Intensive pulsed light treatment (IPL)

Fees and costs will be provided before every procedure but a guide can be found here: The Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN)